Choosing Vanity Cabinets

Choosing a bathroom vanity can be hard with all the choices out there. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your vanity:

  • Functional Needs
  • Budget
  • Style Options

Functional Needs

To start, decide with what your vanity will need to suit the needs of your bathroom. If it’s a high traffic area like the main bathroom or family bathroom the vanity will need to be durable. If the bathroom is in the master bedroom you may consider double sinks. Also, figure out how much counter and storage space is needed.

For more storage space, there is also the option of a mirror cabinet. Remember your bathroom is a wet environment so the vanity will need to withstand the moisture.

Budget & Style Options

Before you pick the style of your vanity you need to decide on your budget. In your budget also consider the counter top, mirror, and faucet. After you’ve chose your budget you can finally choose the style of your vanity.

There are so many styles of vanities to choose from. Set the vanity to the tone of your bathroom décor, if its modern go sleek and stylish, if its vintage go classical and elegant.

Let the vanity dress up your bathroom. You can choose a wall mount or one that sits on the floor, you may want soft close doors or adjustable shelves. Vanities can be finished or painted wood, RTF Thermafoil, Laminate, etc.

When choosing your bathroom just be sure that it meets your needs, budget, and Style. Your bathroom should not feel like just a room, it should feel like a retreat.