Different Types of Wood

When looking into kitchen cabinetry and bath cabinetry there are so many different wood species you could use. There is alder, cherry, red oak, white oak, hickory and many more. When choosing a wood species for your cabinets you want to look for stability, finishing properties and original color.

You may want to look into the wood before you order. For example, Alder has a constant reddish tan color that’s not as dark as red birch or American cherry but can substitute them both. Here are just a few of properties of some wood species that Huggy Bear offers.


Alder is a strong wood that glues and finishes well.


Cherry is pinkish red, and the sapwood can by white or yellow it can have small pitch pockets that are black. Overtime cherry will age to a darker red color and develop that classical look that makes it such a popular species.


Red Oaks heartwood is light pink or dark red and the sapwood ranges from white too Gray, sometimes mineral streaks can be present.

White oaks heartwood is gray to tan and the sapwood is white. White Oak is a dense, strong wood that can also be steamed and bent.


Ash has to very different colors, the sapwood is white or a creamy off white while the heartwood is brown to gray.


Hickory a strong heavy wood also has a wide range of colors the sapwood is tan and the heartwood can be brown or almost black.


Maples sapwood is almost pure white, the heart wood which is not very common is brown to gay.


Lyptus is an Eco friendly wood that re-grows every 15 to 20 years. It has many colors including white light pink medium pink and blood red.

Lyptus can be used as a substitute for American cherry or mahogany.


Mahogany varies from yellow, red, pink, or salmon colored when freshly cut, then turns to a deep rich red or reddish brown as the wood ages.


Bamboo is a grass that is stronger than some hardwoods it is greenish brown in color.


Walnut sapwood is creamy white and the heartwood is light brown to dark chocolate brown.

There are so many wood species to choose from when buying cabinets and the woods listed are only a few of the species available. Wood species can also help with the vibe of your kitchen making it classical with cherry or modern with lyptus you can turn you kitchen into what ever you want it to be.