“We’ve incorporated Lyptus in our cabinetry to various degrees over the last ten years and are excited to finally be able to promote it as one of our standard offerings,”
Dwayne Hansen, President, Huggy Bear’s Cupboards.

“It’s a dense, beautiful and durable wood that helps us maintain a high level of craftsmanship in our cabinetry. Not to mention, it’s an environmentally responsible wood since it’s rapidly replenishable and comes from certified plantations.“

With over three decades of experience in the cabinetry industry, Huggy Bear’s Cupboards offers reliable, customized cabinets designed to meet the specific needs of homeowners. Take a look at these beautiful Lyptus kitchen cabinets and Lyptus bath cabinets below.

Lyptus hardwoods feature a fine grain and dramatic figure similar to mahogany. They are able to take stains evenly because of their density and have a broad color range, from light pink to dark earth tones.

The rapidly renewable hardwoods are grown on third-party certified plantations and are ready for harvest in an average of only 15 years, compared to 80 to 100 years for other hardwoods.

Lyptus is suited for a wide array of applications, including cabinets, furniture and architectural millwork. It is available as high-grade lumber, veneer and flooring.

Veneers are available as flitches for custom applications and layons for plywood, either plain or quarter sliced, with a limited availability of special flitches, including quartered figured or Pommele.

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