New Dealer Requirements

Huggy Bear’s Cupboards: New Dealer Requirements

All HBC Dealers are expected to meet the following requirements:

1.       The dealer must operate a retail store , maintain regular hours of operation and have adequate commercial telephone service
2.       The dealer must have an adequately staffed display showroom open to the public during its regular hours of operation.
3.       The dealer must offer adequate design service.
4.       The dealer must offer installation service or maintain an installation referral list for the benefit of customers.
5.       The dealer must comply with the terms of sale established by HBC Credit Department
6.       The dealer must install in its showroom a qualified HBC display
7.       The dealer must provide the following after market services;

a.)     The dealer is required to act as a service representative of the factory regarding after market follow-up.
b.)     The dealer should include an amount in the job sale price to cover the cost of moderate after market services.
c.)      After market services are to include, but are not limited to the following;

1.)   Touch-up and correction of minor damage incurred in transporting the cabinets to the point of installation.
2.)   Final adjustments of doors and drawer fronts.
3.)   Final inspection upon completion of installation.
4.)   Investigation and satisfaction of customer complaints. An HBC representative will assist in this process upon request.
5.)   Labor charges incurred in the execution of after market services are the responsibility of the dealer.

8.       The showroom display must consist of the following;

a.)     Wall Cabinets
b.)     Base Cabinets
c.)     Four of more door styles (sample doors included)

9.       To be classified as a dealer, a new dealer must order a qualifying display within 90 days of acceptance of dealer application.
10.    To a dealer purchasing a display, HBC will grant up to 50% off the dealer net price as follows;

a.)     A 25% discount off the dealer net price at the time of purchase.
b.)     An additional rebate of up to 25% of the cost of the display to be paid in the form of credits to the dealer account earned in the following manner:

1.)   A credit of 5% of the value of each order, excluding the display order, placed after the display is shipped, for a period of six months.
2.)   This rebate terminates with the accumulation of credits equaling 25% of the cost of the display or the expiration of the six-month period, whichever occurs first.

11.    Subsequent additions to displays or purchases of the other showroom samples may be purchased at 25% off dealer net price unless otherwise specified.
12.    At the time of acceptance of its application, HBC will ship a dealer kit to all new dealers. The cost of the dealer kit is $300.00 (special pricing) plus freight and contains the following items;

6 standard door samples
1 Color block kit
1 set of edge detail sample blocks
1 set of standard molding
1 Catalog
25 of each brochure
1 Order Entry System and 20/20 catalog disk
1 Jump drive containing the following in PDF format;

Complete Catalog
Training booklets 1, 2 and 3
All HBC brochures

13.    There are no exceptions to this display policy unless authorized by HBC in writing.
14.    Should HBC exercise the right to terminate a dealer, it is under no obligation to repurchase display cabinetry or materials.