Painting Cabinets

Painting your cabinets is an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade your worn out kitchen. It is always fun to see before and after pictures so before you start take some pictures of your kitchen. The cabinet painting process begins with preparation. The better you prepare the cabinets, the better the end result will be.


Start by removing drawer and door fronts also remove any hardware such as hinges or drawer and door pulls. Remove everything from your cabinets and take out any adjustable shelves. Use wood putty to fill any lingering gaps, seams, and holes where the old drawer and door pulls were if your getting new hardware otherwise it won’t be placed the same way. Sand dried putty as well as any ridges, scrapes, chips, or other dings that your cabinets have collected over the years, get them as smooth as possible.

Next, sand the front and backs of all the cabinet doors and drawers as well as all cabinet frames to rough them up before priming. Make sure to clean up the mess from sanding to make sure that dust wont get into the primer. You can use a liquid de-glosser on all cabinet doors and frames to be extra sure they’re ready for primer.

Start priming it will hopefully take one coat, depending on what kind of primer you get. You can talk to a paint pro at whatever store you go to they can help you decide.

Finally You Can Paint!

It should take about 2 coats of paint too cover the wood. Begin by painting the interior of the cabinets, the best tool for this is a mini paint roller because it can reach into the corners. Use a paintbrush to paint the front and back of each drawer and door front. Use a full size paint roller to paint the front of cabinet boxes and removable shelves.

You can paint a broad surface let it dry and then paint the edges, or you can paint the edges and then immediately after paint the broad surfaces. Let the paint dry this usually takes 3-5 full days.

Last Drill holes and re-install hinges and hard ware, and put your drawers and door fronts back on. Restock your kitchen with everything you took out of the cabinets. And then take after pictures when you compare your before and after photos you can appreciate all the hard work you put in.